Celebrations at BVSC

Celebrations at BVSC

Legends played ping-pong

Celebration of the Chinese New Year and table tennis at BVSC! The table tennis section of BVSC-Zugló celebrated its 70th anniversary on Monday with some table tennis games between the youth players and the legendary István Jónyer, Tibor Klampár, Gábor Gergely world champion trio, who achieved the biggest success of the Hungarian table tennis sport by winning the WCh in Pyongyang 40 years ago. At BVSC, which is organizing the Molnár János Memorial, the Chinese delegation from the Dalian Youth Sports Center was present, as its members celebrated the Chinese New Year in Budapest. The Asian competitors will take part in the Memorial on the weekend.

Like the table tennis section of BVSC, the Dalian sports center was established 70 years ago, but talking about China this is not the only milestone anniversary. „It was exactly 70 years ago when Hungary established diplomatic relations with China” – articulated dr. Balázs Hetényi, the Deputy Head of the Diplomatic Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. „Sports are a wonderful link between nations, that is the reason why we considered it was important for our ministry to be present. We are also preparing for the world championships, we are helping primarily with the questions of entering the country and with visa issues” – added the diplomat.

According to Gábor Gergely, it will be very beneficial for the Hungarian table tennis sport that the bests of the world will play here in Hungary. „It will be a fantastic international competition. The bests will play here. I hope that this will have a great impact, for example, on the youth table tennis players. We will see many world-class players of this beautiful sport at the table” – expressed the world and European champion, Gábor Gergely.


The Liebherr 2019 World Table Tennis Championships will be held from the 21th to the 28th of April at Hungexpo.

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