Pongi for success!

Pongi for success!

The preparations of LIEBHERR 2019 World Table Tennis Championships stepped into the last period. This year’s biggest ping-pong  event will start only in 94 days. The mascot which was revealed at the press conference on 8th of January got a name by the audience after the successful World Tour Hungarian Open.

It is never easy to find the best mascot. The goal of the Organising Committee was to create a loveable character in which the fans can meet an important part of the Hungarian culture as well as has the skills of table tennis. The red fox is one of the most common predator in Hungary and one of the most sought animal in the tales. The most known is István Fekete’s book, Vuk where the reader can follow the little fox’s upbringing and get to know the typical characteristics of this species, such as trickiness, vulpinism and endurance.

The process of naming the mammal had two-steps. Firstly, the followers of the Hungarian Table Tennis Association could make suggestions at the federation’s social media sites. After more than hundred ideas arrived from Hungary and abroad, a jury chose the top three and let the audience to select the favourite with an election. Finalist got altogether thousands of votes. Finally, the mascot’s name became: Pongi. as a nickname of ping-pong.

There is no world championships in Hungary without a slogan. Using one of the most used word joke by English speaking people to a Hungarian, the organisers created the slogan which is: “Hung(a)ry for success”

Pongi will be the hungry for success mascot of the 55th World Table Tennis Championships which will be held in 21 & 28th of April in Budapest.

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