Szandra Pergel and the vibration training

Szandra Pergel and the vibration training

Liebherr table tennis WCh: Szandi Pergel is getting in a better shape with a Power Plate

The preparation schedule is very tight


Szandra Pergel – besides playing table tennis – maintains her core by using Power Plate. The European championships silver medallist is preparing for the world championships which will be held in April in Budapest. The table tennis player – as an addition to her workout- program – regularly does a vibration training, where  she receives a series of personalised exercises from her Power Plate trainer. The audience could catch the Hungarian national team’s competitor in singles, doubles and in mixed doubles in April.

„I have had some problems with my back, so now I have personalized trainings. For me this is a kind of relaxation beside playing table tennis and, of course, it is a great way of getting in shape. I do not really care about the WCh yet. Obviously I am aware of the fact that Hungary is going to organize an enormous world championships, and of that I am going to participate in this competition, but in the upcoming weeks and months I will have so many matches and tournaments that I barely can keep them in mind, so I always concentrate on the next step only” – expressed Szandra Pergel, who claimed a silver medal in mixed doubles together with Ádám Szudi at the World Tour, which competition was the WCh’s „dress rehearsal”.

„At the world championships I will be interested in three fields. I will compete in singles, in doubles with Dóri Madarász and in mixed doubles with Ádám Szudi. I hope that the draw will be favorable, that just as at the World Tour and I/we will play against the Chinese players as late as possible” – added the table tennis player who is on the 68th position of the World Ranking.

The Liebherr 2019 World Table Tennis Championships will be held from the 21th to the 28th of April at Hungexpo.

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