Hungary at World Championships - WTTC2019 Budapest
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Hungary at World Championships

Hungary is the second most successful country in the history of World Table Tennis Championships. At the first World Championships in 1926, all the gold medal in London came to the Hungarians, and this feat was repeated several times at later World Championships. In the men Roland Jacobi, Zoltán Mechlovits, Miklós Szabados and the longtime No.1 Viktor Barna were the best, while Anna Sipos and Mária Mednyánszky were the biggest woman stars. The latter won the first five single gold medal.

Viktor Barna – photo:

In the years following the Second World War, Ferenc Sidó and Gizella Farkas were the best Hungarian table tennis players. Farkas won three World Championships in a row in singles and finished as runner-up at the next four time.

The rise of Japan and China has had a significant impact on the Hungarians’ WC results. Éva Kóczián’s silver medal of 1961 is the most recent Hungarian medal in singles from the World Championships. Then the duo of Erzsébet Jurik, Éva Kóczián won a bronze medal in ladies’ doubles, as well as Beatrix Kisházi with the English Jill Hammersley, and Kóczián with János Faházi in mixed doubles.

The most recent Hungarian gold generation (István Jónyer, Tibor Klampár and Gergely Gábor) dominated in the seventies. Jónyer was the world champion in singles in 1975 and was crowned in men’s doubles partnered with Klampár and Gergely, and gathered two silver medals with Klampár. The big three achieved its greatest success in 1979 in Pyongyang beating the Chinese in the men’s team final.

The Hungarian National Team won the World Championship. photo: Nemzeti Sport

Interestingly, Hungary has never won a World Championship in women’s team since that event was not organized in the early years. The latest World Championship medal won by Hungary, however, was in the ladies’ team competition when Csilla Bátorfi, Szilvia Káhn, Krisztina Nagy and Edit Urbán finished third in 1987.

Hungary is ranked second behind China on the all-time medal table for the World Table Tennis Championships regarding gold (68), silver (58,5) and bronze medals (75,5) just as all medals (202) won.

Hungary, Budapest has organized the world championships three times so far (1929, 1931, 1950), and with the fourth occasion catches up with the also four-time host Paris and Stockholm and only London (5) remains in front of them.

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