Liebherr World Table Tennis Championships: The coaches have chosen the WCh squad

Liebherr World Table Tennis Championships: The coaches have chosen the WCh squad

No more question left! It has been decided who are going to take part in the WCh held in Hungary. The national team coaches have chosen their squad for the competition. They also summarized to the WCh’s press team what results would make them satisfied.


Zoltán Bátorfi, the coach of the women’s national selection declared: it would be a success, if in singles Szandra Pergel and Dóra Madarász would get into the Second Round. „The situation is different for Gerogina Póta, she will be seeded in the best 32 players, let’s hope that she will get as far as she can. For Bernadett Bálint, Leonie Hartbrich and Orsolya Fehér the main goal on this WCh is to gain some experience, hopefully there will be at least one from them who can get into the Main Round” – acclaimed Bátorfi, who emphasized: hopefully, the Georgina Póta and Matilda Ekholm duo will be seeded among the best 8. „That is something for the future, it depends on the results of the Qatar World Tour. For the double of Pergel and Madarász, the Fourth Round – as two years ago – would be a great achievement” – anticipated the national team’s coach.


Péter Aranyosi, the coach of the men’s national selection would be content with the results of the previous WCh two years ago. „Back then, Tamás Lakatos was in the Main Round for two rounds. Talking about the younger players, the goal is to not to be defeated by a weaker opponent and to make the higher ranked players sweat and struggle” – summarized Péter Aranyosi.

Of course, a lot depends on the draws, this way even luck can play a part in the final achievements of our players.


The Hungarian competitors of the Liebherr World Table Tennis Championships


Women’s singles: Georgina Póta, Szandra Pergel, Dóra Madarász, Bernadett Bálint, Leonie Hartbrich, Orsolya Fehér


Women’s doubles:

–       Georgina Póta, Matilda Ekholm

–       Szandra Pergel, Dóra Madarász

–       Bernadett Bálint, Mercédesz Nagyváradi

Mixed doubles:

–       Ádám Szudi, Szandra Pergel

–       Nándor Ecseki, Dóra Madarász

–       Bence Majoros, Bernadett Bálint

Men’s singles: Bence Majoros, Tamás Lakatos, Ádám Szudi, Nándor Ecseki, Csaba András, Patrik Juhász


Men’s doubles:

–       Nándor Ecseki, Ádám Szudi

–       Bence Majoros, Tamás Lakatos

–       Patrik Juhász, Csaba András

The Liebherr 2019 World Table Tennis Championships will be held from the 21th to the 28th of April at Hungexpo.

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