Flash Quotes – Final day

Flash Quotes – Final day

Here are the quotes from the players after the matches of the last day of the competition.

Ma Long (CHN) – Mattias Falck (SWE) 4:1

Ma Long (CHN):

“I think this is a special celebration for me and I just want to enjoy this moment for now. I want to thank my Chinese fans and also the foreign fans for their support. I am not only interested in winning this title but I also want to gain respect from you.” 

“As a member of the Chinese team you have to play under pressure because of the records set by our predecessors for us. So for me I want to continue with the tradition and that is why I tried my best in every tournament. I think the pressure was more in 2017 than now because I was ranked 11th in this competition and that did not give me more pressure like 2017. I have to put in my best in this final because this might be the last chance for me to win the title. I also think Mattias has improved a lot since last year because we played against each other at Halmstad in 2018. He is a rare player with his style of play, he is strong tactically and mentally and I think he will be our rival in future. Fortunately for both of us we were prepared for the match by two former champions and that made it tough for us.”

Mattias Falck (SWE):

“I think this is my best performance in my career and it has been a fantastic tournament for me. I am happy with my performance in this tournament. Give me one year and I will be even closer. Ma Long is really complete all-round player with no weaknesses, so ou need to play on your highest level. The most important thing what I’ve learned today that he is very clever. He changes a lot, you need to be ready and hundred percent focused all the time. But I will have to improve my tactics and be more aggressive next time I meet him.”

Sun Yingsha/Wang Manyu (CHN) – Hina Hayata/Mima Ito (JPN) 4:2

Wang Manyu (CHN):

“This is our second big international tournament and when we were down, we just tried our best because our opponents are very strong and competitive. We just told ourselves not to give but stick with the match.

Hina Hayata/Mima Ito (JPN):

“After we won the first two sets, the opponent changed and we could not answer to their changed tactics and that is what we have to learn. We have improved in comparison to last time and 90% we could bring our best but there is still room to improve. We were the top seeds and we are happy to earn a medal, but we are disappointed as well, because we had the chance to win. We reached the final without facing a Chinese opponent, but we knew that we had to beat them at least once. We are disappointed that we lost after leading 2-0.”


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