Csilla Bátorfi: it is fantastic that Budapest can host the WCh

Csilla Bátorfi: it is fantastic that Budapest can host the WCh

Csilla Bátorfi, who is one of the best Hungarian table tennis players of the past 30 years among women, talked about the Liebherr World Table Tennis Championships, which will be held from the 21th to the 28th of April, to the Sportágválasztó Magazin. The legend participated in five Olympic Games. She achieved four bronze medals at the WCh and nine gold medals at the European Championships during her career.

„It is fantastic that the WCh will be held in Budapest, with whom I talked in Europe they are happy with it as everyone likes the Hungarian capital” – started the legend, who achieved a bronze medal in the women’s doubles at the WCh in 1995.

„During my career I really missed playing a major tournament in Budapest. I am a bit jealous of the players who can participate in this WCh regardless of playing before the home crowd is always harder. The expectations are high but it is a huge thing to compete in your home country” – declared Csilla Bátorfi, who currently works as a coach in Germany, but she trains the children at the Academy of Bayern Munich in the 80% of her time.

„The WCh is very tough, you have to appreciate every round that you get into. I know that Gina Póta plays well nowadays, she is in a good shape and I am sure she will have a successful preparation, but still every match will be very tough. You cannot just go there and say I will get into the best 8, because being in the best 16 is a huge achievement and a fantastic experience, especially among women, considering the current field” – concluded Bátorfi.


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